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Fruits in a Jar

Fruits in Glass MAL Organic

Pineapples, papayas, bananas and mangoes are traditionally cultivated in mixture with coconuts by family farms. The original idea was to additionally support the the coconut farmers and doing good to the environment by using the acreage according to nature (these are certified according to the Organic Standard and are regularly inspected by Control Union). This evolved into a successful project, which also allows the export of mixed cultures to coconut cultivation. Particular attention is paid to the compliance of health and safety regulations as well as proper working conditions for the employees of the processing plants and for the farmers. See also the social projects page.

Only fruits that have reached the required maturity are harvested. The fruits are then transported directly to the processing plant, where they are washed, peeled and cut into chunks or slices. Adding only the fruits' own juice, the fruit pieces are filled by machines into jars.

Fruits in a jar are versatile and convenient. They do not taste much different than the fresh fruits and can be used as flexible. Pure enjoyment, whether alone or in fruit salads, fruit tarts, muesli usw. Our product range contains the following fruits.