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Coconut Flour


Coconut Flour is fiber from the coconut meat when most of the oil has been extracted. The fibers are then ground to a fine flour. The snowy white powder has a light and fresh scent that makes you dream of exotic beaches.

100 % gluten free, it is used as an alternative to gluten-containing grains such as barley, rye, oat, spelt and wheat. Coconut flour helps the body to utilize important nutrients and is ideal for gluten intolerance.

Since most of the fat is extracted in the manufacturing process (and sold as highly versatile Coconut oil ), coconut flour is low in calories and fat.

The remaining fats consist mainly of so-called medium chained fatty acids or triglycerides, that are also found in coconut oil and coconut cream. Medium chained fatty acids are required for energy production; that is, they are not stored in the form of body fat. Medium chained fatty acids can measurably stimulate the metabolism and protect the body against viruses and fungi.

Coconut flour is completely free of cholesterol and contains very few carbohydrates that affect blood sugar levels. Coconut flour helps to reduce body weight and enhance performance.

Coconut flour contains all eight essential amino acids (out of 23 known amino acids in total) and thus contributes to a balanced protein supply.

Coconut flour is rich in fibers, which help digestion and promote the health of the intestinal mucosa. Fibers help to lower blood lipid levels and blood sugar levels.

In short, coconut flour is excellent for a healthy and tasty cuisine.

Characteristics: White flower
Odor: Coconut